At Bere Brewery, we believe in ‘treading lightly on this earth’. Our hops are grown according strictly to Organic principals, without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. We use Malt from Tuckers Maltings in Newton Abbot to keep the ‘beer miles’ to a minimum. The beers that we create are crafted without the use of any chemical additives. The cleaning and sterilising products that we use are biodegradable, that will not harm our environment. Solar panels on the brewery roof contribute electricity. Spent grain, hops and yeast are composted, ready to return valuable nutrients and organic matter to the soil. The water used in the brewery is returned to our land via a soakaway, to support the precious habitat which in turn supports a wealth of diverse flora and fauna.

At Bere Brewery, we aim to produce beers that we, and the community of the Bere Peninsula, can be proud of.