Christmas Closing Dates

We are open today as usual from 4.30 to 7pm, and as a special treat have some Cotts Winter Ale from the task available to take home – in our own 2 pint containers to be Covid safe. Perfect for curling up with a mince pie or 3 tomorrow evening after what is promised to be a gorgeous sunny day.

The brewery is then CLOSED until Wednesday 6th Jan, when we’ll be open as usual 4.30 to 7pm.

We wish everybody a safe and happy Christmas, and send a huge heartfelt thankyou to all those who have supported the brewery, by however much or however little, this difficult year. Qute simply, without it there would not still be a Bere Brewery. So thank you from the bottom of our beer glasses and hearts.

There are still very difficult times ahead, so we’ll be very pleased to see people out at the brewery for beer for some cheer at home in the months to come. We’ve been able to stay open for sales whatever the level of restrictions, so it’s very likely that will continue to be the case, and of course all our lovely space and open air ventilation makes staying safe so much easier. Not long, and the hops will be starting to shoot again!!

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